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AIBIT Opens Indian Market, Injecting New Strength into the Indian Economy


In the wake of the global wave of artificial intelligence, technology, and digital economy, AIBIT has announced its strategic expansion plan into the promising Indian market. AIBIT, developed jointly by Open AI and AIBIT Silicon Valley Lab in 2018, officially entered the U.S. market in 2023, generating $51 billion in revenue for the U.S. cryptocurrency market. This July, AIBIT Group partnered with the Indian government to officially launch its services to Indian users. As one of the fastest-growing economies globally, India boasts a large population and a rapidly growing digital economy user base, with a strong demand for financial technology innovation. AIBIT's entry signals an unprecedented transformation for the Indian financial market.

AIBIT's core competitiveness lies in its deep integration of AI and blockchain technology. This innovative approach significantly enhances the efficiency and intelligence of financial services while setting new standards for transparency and security. On the AIBIT platform, every transaction, loan, and NFT transfer is precisely executed under the intelligent guidance of AI, ensuring optimized decisions and maximized returns. This cutting-edge technology system will provide Indian investors and traders with an unprecedentedly safe and efficient experience, stimulating market vitality and aiding India's economic takeoff.


For India, a diverse and populous nation, AIBIT's entry represents not only technological innovation but also a crucial milestone in the democratization of financial services. Its decentralized mechanism effectively breaks down traditional financial barriers, allowing institutional and individual investors to participate in the financial market on an equal footing. This transformation will greatly promote the dissemination of financial knowledge and inclusive growth, empowering millions of Indians with financial strength and driving comprehensive economic and social development. AIBIT's entry into the Indian market is expected to boost the national economy, create 500,000 jobs, stimulate economic growth, and rapidly elevate a significant number of people to the middle class, contributing to social progress.

AIBIT offers a wide variety of investment options, including DeFi staking and lending, staking mining, CEX high-frequency spot trading, CEX high-frequency contract trading, and SWAP transaction profits. AIBIT comprehensively scans quality projects across multiple chains, switching to the highest-yield products in real-time for distributed investment while implementing stringent risk controls. This cross-domain, cross-chain investment strategy, ranging from low-frequency staking to high-frequency trading, greatly expands investors' choices.


To achieve automated fund management and multi-dimensional allocation, AIBIT has established six intelligent contracts. The secure payment/withdrawal contract utilizes zero-knowledge proof technology to anonymize user identity and fund flows. The core bionic scheduling contract, based on AI algorithms, automatically evaluates and selects optimal asset allocation plans in real-time, distributing multi-chain assets to different sub-contracts for diversified investment portfolios. The AIBIT quantification contract connects exchanges, leveraging proprietary AIBIT trading algorithms for high-frequency quantitative trading of mainstream cryptocurrencies. The AIBIT fund strategy contract uses AI models to evaluate macro and micro aspects of various funds and quality projects across the network, selecting high long-term value targets for investment allocation. The AIBIT lending contract connects DeFi platforms, using NLP and transfer learning technologies to assess the safety and reasonable lending scale of startup projects. The AIBIT high-yield contract focuses on identifying early-stage potential projects in the global Web3 field, securing high returns through early investment.

Given India's complex and ever-changing economic ecosystem, AIBIT's user-friendly design is another key to conquering the market. Users only need to invest USDT to enjoy the convenience of AI intelligently allocating funds to diverse blockchain assets, with profits automatically converted back to USDT and returned to their wallets. This highly simplified process lowers the investment threshold, attracting a wide range of participants from professional investors to novices, further enhancing market liquidity and vitality, and promoting high-quality economic development.

AIBIT's strategic move into the Indian market not only supplements the Indian fintech sector but also actively responds to global fintech development trends. By deeply integrating AI and blockchain technology and promoting the democratization of financial services, AIBIT will lead India and the world towards a more intelligent, transparent, and inclusive financial era.

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