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Beautiful dancing is the only thing in her life


Source: UCCA.FL

As an old Chinese saying goes, people are in high spirits when receiving good news. Lately, for Ms. Tang Yuyang, an outstanding Chinese dance performer and well-known dance educator, she gained many honors in her dancing career, which made her so happy. In 2021, she won a number of honors and other exhibitions and awards in Italy, the United States and the United Nations. Meanwhile her recorded art exchange exhibition program was broadcast by BBC. Ms. Tang Yuyang said, "Thanks to the committee, the experts and judges for their recognition, as well as thanks to the international media for their publicity and reports, which are the biggest motivation for me to continue to move forward in the field of dance performance, art exchange and education."

I made acquaintance with Ms. Tang Yuyang, an excellent Chinese dance performer and famous dance educator, in an industry seminar. Wandering in the world of dance art, Ms. Tang Yuyang is a genius dancer. As long as she stands on the stage, she totally immerses herself in the scene and role. What's more, her movements are so skilled that her extraordinary performance talent seems to be born with her. She told the reporter: "Every time, I have a different state when I go on stage. That feeling is very real." For Ms. Tang Yuyang, no matter she is physically comfortable or uncomfortable, so long as she stands on the stage; she would struggle to perform every role. It is possible to infect the audience and gain their recognition and respect only by this way. In every performance, she will not express her own ideas to audience specifically, nor is she willing to impose too many thoughts on the audience. As far as she is concerned, as a dancer, she should firstly infect herself so that the audience can gradually have a feeling of enjoyment in the process of performance. Furthermore, art performance comes into being in this sort of singularity, enjoyment and inspiration, which is a vague thing for a dancer. Ms. Tang Yuyang said, "For a dance performer, inspiration is unclear, it is very fictitious, but it is very real." And then she told frankly, "Most of the time, we spend lots of time digging for inspiration and exploring the mysterious existence, but we may not get any inspiration. However, sometimes when I am taking a bath, eating, walking or shopping, I would suddenly have a new feeling. It may be a peculiar idea, which comes at random and is captured by a performing artist. On the stage, she expresses her mind with dance movements, writes dance culture with her body and mind, so it seems that she spends all her heart and energy when she dances. This is why every time she stands on the stage, the audience screams and cheers and her fellow dancers praise her on and on.

Since her graduation from university, Ms. Tang Yuyang has transformed from a young dancer into a dance performer and dance educator with excellent performance. Her hard work and efforts have been widely recognized in the dance industry, and her eminent achievements in the industry have also won unanimous praise from professional media.

Her persistence and dedication to dance is touching. From her initial ignorant love for dance to her long career in dance, she gradually felt that dancing was irreplaceable and indispensable in her life and living. For many years, She has been through their own efforts, unremitting pursuit of set up their own personal dance of contemporary aesthetic style. Under the general environment, there are fewer and fewer dancers with personality, but the personality of dancers is often reflected in their own works. Only really entering the stage and understanding the intension of dance, we could understand the heart of a dance artist. Her goal is much clear and simple, which gives her generation of young dancers something to remember when they get older. Ms. Tang Yuyang said, "I can find happiness, feel myself and the world in dancing. Beautiful dance is the only thing in my life." She salutes life with dance, and dancing is her whole world.

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