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Dimmable triproof light compares the product advantages of different lamps


With the wide application of dimmable triproof light, many customers now choose to use dimmable triproof light. What advantages does dimmable triproof light have compared to other lights, let me introduce to you.

There is no ultraviolet and infrared in the dimmable triproof light spectrum, low heat and no stroboscopic, no stroboscopic can protect eyesight, and the waste can be recycled, no pollution and no harmful elements such as mercury, so that it can be safely touched with real green lighting sources. The life span of dimmable triproof light is very long. Generally speaking, LED light source is called long-life light. There will be no loose parts in the lamp body, so there is no phenomenon that the fermenter filament glows and is easy to burn.

The service life of emergency triproof light can reach 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is more than ten times longer than that of traditional light sources, greatly reducing the cost of replacement and protection. The dimmable triproof light is very energy-saving. It is attributed to the DC drive and consumes very low power. Under the same lighting effect, the dimmable triproof light is at least 80% more energy-efficient than the traditional light source.


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