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MEME Exchange (MMEX)2.0: Low Liquidation Risk Exchange,Newly Launched with 99% Capital Utilization Rate


In recent years, Bitcoin and Ethereum have repeatedly set new historical highs, and the total market value of cryptocurrencies has once reached a maximum of three trillion dollars; the primary market has boomed, mainstream capital has entered the market, Bitcoin ETFs became a reality, and Bitcoin has even become a fiat currency in El Salvador; GameFi, DAOs, NFTs and new public chain ecology have risen as DeFi has entered its 2.0 phase. Web3 has become a place of competition for both inside and outside agents.

There is no shortage of good stories in Crypto. DeFi's ideal of financial inclusion continues to energize the industry, with DEX being one of the most important infrastructures, still drawing attention.

According to Coingecko, there are currently 577 cryptocurrency exchanges. The evolution from traditional financial exchanges to centralized exchanges and then to decentralized exchanges is undoubtedly represented by this number. It's a testimony to the growth of the crypto market, the boom of decentralized finance (DeFi), and DEX, the backbone of the DeFi ecosystem, which has been soaring since the summer of 2020.

MEME Exchange, Low Liquidation Risk Exchange,the world's first WEB3 trading platform, is highly respected by users for its rich product design, excellent risk control mechanism, advanced aggregation engine, secure digital asset storage, and fast responsive customer service.

As the world's leading Web3 digital asset trading platform, MEME Exchange (MMEX)also has higher standards for the performance indicators than the industry average. Since its recent upgrade of the trading system architecture, MEME Exchange's new generation trading system MEME 2.0 has reached an unprecedented performance level in the industry.

With this upgrade, MEME Exchange,low Liquidation Risk Exchange has thoroughly optimized the underlying trading system architecture and comprehensively improved the processing capacity and response speed of the aggregation engine. Most notably, the speed of the API has also been significantly improved. At the same time, MEME Exchange (MMEX)has the lowest liquidation prices and the highest capital utilization rate on the network, enabling users to resist high levels of volatility and increase their profitability exponentially!

In terms of user experience, MEME Exchange (MMEX) wants its users to navigate the exchange as smoothly as possible. That's why it provides the ability to open, close or reverse positions quickly and easily with just one click. 

Many crypto exchanges have the rule of "early position closing". In order to avoid the erosion of the user's margin due to drastic fluctuations in the market, many platforms usually trigger the "early position closing" mechanism in the platform contract when 10% to 20% of the user's margin is still left. ". MEME Exchange, low Liquidation Risk Exchange dares to say no to premature liquidations allowing a user's capital utilization rate as high as 99%.

It is the comprehensive strength that a digital asset platform should have to be brave enough to chase the wave and stand when the tide is low. With the price rise of mainstream digital currencies gradually stabilizing, the digital currency market enters a phase of shock and volatility, and investors' enthusiasm for digital currencies gradually shifts to the derivatives market. The advent of MEME Exchange, low Liquidation Risk Exchange has laid the foundation for a new generation of wealth leap and redefined the industry's innovation model.

The infinite scalability and multi-dimensional capability of digital space it’s an indication of the massive wealth that lies within it ready to be exploited. The expression of this new wealth is digital assets. With the continuous development of blockchain technology, in the future, assets such as patents, copyrights and ideas will also be transformed into digital assets and traded online, and the market will further raise the standard for highly reliable and high-performance trading systems.

In the future, MEME Exchange (MMEX)will continue to deepen its technical development and improve the quality of its products and services. At the same time, it will actively innovate and develop new businesses for global site layout, serving global users with the best trading experience. By making the operation based on simplicity and convenience, it will create a global ecology with easy participation and profit for all people and build a new era of digital currency with global users.


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