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Nongfu Spring Water Soluble C100 Occupies Juice Market with Unique Innovation


Nongfu Spring has attracted much attention in the bottled water market through advertising such as "Nongfu Spring tastes a bit sweet" and "we do not produce water. We are just porters of nature". while in the fruit juice drink set, the real star that helps Nongfu Spring gain a firm foothold is Water soluble C100. The popularity of Water soluble C100 is inseparable from Nongfu Springs advertising marketing. In May 2008, Five and a Half Lemons C, the advertisement of Water soluble C100, went viral across the nation, in which a girl turns five and a half somersaults coming up with five and a half lemons. The slogan that "five and a half lemons C meet the daily need of vitamin C" was known to almost every household at that time.

In the summer of 2008, Nongfu Spring took the lead in opening up a new category of lemon juice drink replenishing vitamin C in Chinese market with the new launch of Water soluble C100, which creates a brand-new lemon flavor with 12% lemon juice content, perfectly retaining the natural acidity of lemon juice and delivering a pleasant drinking experience with its sour-sweet and fresh taste. Water soluble C100 not only tastes good, but looks good with the stylish bottle body design, so it became such a hit as soon as debuted. As a pioneer in the market, Water soluble C100 is rated a success. The sales volume of Nongfu Spring Water soluble C100 topped 100 million yuan only half a year after its launch. In 2018, Nongfu Spring Water soluble C100 duplicated its success and ignited idol economy by partnering with Zhu Yilong, a young hunk star with a strong online presence.

Nongfu Spring puts a high valuation on Fan Effect. It sponsors various variety shows targeting young people, all of which prove to be hugely popular. Nongfu Spring has explored a new way of brand marketing, but its successful marketing cases go further than just fan marketing. It launches Music Review Bottle in partnership with Netease Cloud Music; and initiates a public welfare marketing event partnering with Red Nose Foundation. The majority of food enterprises are frequently encountering growth bottlenecks at the moment, while Nongfu Spring manages to establish itself as a brand selling water, advertisements, and now word-of-mouth. Nongfu Spring is winning an increasing number of young consumers heart and keeps expanding its footprint in the soft beverage market.

But as for the whole soft drink market today, there are not many nascent categories to tap, so it is necessary for Nongfu Spring to find a new "breakthrough point" as soon as possible so as to gain predominance. Based on its existing product categories, if Nongfu Spring continues to innovate, diversify and personalize its product offering, it is promised to bring about an explosive growth in the coming future.

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