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Opening a new chapter: CESS officially changed its name to EDCS


The original intention of CESS was to strive to create a distributed cloud storage system, cloud storage data network, and online data sharing platform based on blockchain decentralization that is non-stop, zero failure and anti-censorship, and is committed to building a distributed cloud computing power The distribution platform meets the needs of individuals and organizations in different industries for distributed cloud storage computing power, and realizes the needs of different enterprises for data asset storage on the chain, and becomes a distributed storage platform for enterprises to develop DApps, thereby building a data supply chain economy Provides a scalable and self-sustaining infrastructure.

In order to achieve our goals, the CESS team has brought together more than 100 top experts, professors, doctors, and masters with rich experience in various fields of artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain applications, and financial investment at home and abroad, and has 12 patented technologies. Many universities and blockchain laboratories around the world have brought the most cutting-edge scientific research results, talent training and transportation to CESS.

Up to now, in terms of industry and business layout, CESS has initially completed the construction of one-stop online and offline distributed storage infrastructure, including cloud server production, IDC computer room construction, integrated cloud hosting, data storage and retrieval, etc. In terms of overseas community expansion and construction, we have authorized designated offline strategic community partners in many countries around the world.

Here, we would like to give special thanks to the Chinese technology community (Dongshu Holdings) for providing CESS with the world's largest blockchain industry market and the world's largest data center (China) for continuously providing technical, hardware, and user support. We have been committed to the security of user data, but this time we failed to protect the CESS brand.

In the past, the CESS team has been focusing on the innovation and research and development of distributed cloud storage systems, and is committed to the active expansion of the global offline community. However, with the rise of CESS in the distributed storage track, we have repeatedly received feedback from global partners: more and more unscrupulous people, without official authorization, rely on the CESS brand to establish an online community Carry out CESS private placement and mining.

In order to prevent such bad behaviors in the market, based on the fact that CESS is currently in its initial development stage, the team’s important energy should be placed on technological innovation and ecological construction. After mutual consultation and comprehensive consideration by global community partners, we decided to rename CESS. EDCS, where "E" is EAST, means: purple gas comes from the east, and the sun rises from the east. On the one hand, we hope that EDCS can rise strongly on the distributed storage circuit of giants; on the other hand, China, located in the eastern hemisphere of the world, has the world’s best storage industry hardware facilities and the widest user base. At the same time, we will simultaneously start the construction of online communities. With the joint support of the global community alliance, our new project brand EDCS has been settled on Twitter, Medium and Telegram platforms. Welcome everyone to pay attention:

EDCS official website: http://www.EDCSinternational.com

Chinese autonomous operator EDCS offical website:http://www.EDCSmemory.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EDCSOfficial

Medium: edcsofficial.medium.com

Telegram: https: //t.me/EDCSGlobal;https://t.me/EDCSChinese

A new chapter and a new brand. Although the project name has been upgraded, our vision and development momentum have never changed:

"Building a global distributed storage three-dimensional ecological industry chain"

"Serving millions of corporate users worldwide"

"To be a truly new infrastructure in the field of blockchain distributed cloud storage"

Of course, the most important thing is still "give cloud storage data a safe home".

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