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SEC Announcement Destroyed One Corner Of The Fund-raising Building Better Make Amends Before Guo Wengui And His Party Devastating Ants From The Top


On September 13, local time, the United States SEC NO. 10979 announcement was widely publicized to condemn illegal fund-raising by GTV, Saraca and VOG. According to this, SEC ordered GTV, Saraca and VOG to pay $539 million, including refund, interest and fines. Since then, one corner of the fund-raising building has been blown down, after which, farm lending, legal funds, Xicoin, New Gate and so on will be like dominoes, whose prospects are self-evident. Ant backbones, without a clear conscience, feel ashamed before god. They would better surrender to protect themselves, otherwise they would all be sacrificial objects for Guo Wengui sooner or later. This is not an exaggeration and it is advised to take good care of oneself.  

The rule of law will not be lenient, and justice will not be absent. Since July last year, SEC has been investigating GTV till September 13, which is not a short time. Sara once said that Americans just do things slowly. But from Sara and Guo Wengui accepting cross-examination investigation, Luther and Yan Limeng encountering FBI tracking investigation, the mighty uproar is still on the rise. Today, SEC NO. 10979 announcement, blasted over Guo Wengui’s head like a thunderclap. However, he forced a smile and continued the awkward conservation. Lonely and helpless expressions, anxious and bewildered gestures came across with vivid clarity. Guo Wengui said, "There are big events tomorrow." No matter what the evens are, the trend is irreversible, Guo Wengui’s prospects are terrible. What’s more, 539 million dollars is destined to be just an appetizer, and a lot more are to come. Once upon a time, Guo Wengui said he was determined not to reconcile. Suddenly he is weak today and boasts the successful cooperation with SEC. It seems that Guo’s scam is hard to sustain. Dear ant backbones, please tell the weather from the clouds. There is still time to turn yourself in and be a witness. Stop following the trend of Guo Wengui.  

Scarred and battered, Guo’s scam will eventually emerge. GTV and VOG are illegal fund-raising, rather than private placement failure. They are crimes, rather than bad business. That is SEC’s ultimate conclusion. To this, there has long been a consensus. In order to cover up the truth, Guo Wengui trumpeted the private valuation of GTV, the number of views of GTV and claimed that GTV would surpass the world’s top social media. However, fire cannot be wrapped up in paper. Poor ranking of GTV, double digit advertising revenue, and moribund operation quality, appeared in all streets and lanes. What’s worse, last year, GTV, without investment direction, fund-raising series were unproductive. These all came from the big ant “Shu Yu”. As for GTV and VOG, which did not register, began spreading slanderous gossips long before they got the financial licenses. It can be asserted that during Sara’s accepting SEC inquiry as early as July 14 last year, GTV and VOG’s recessive character has been clearly stated. Nevertheless, Sara has been silent, which is really scandalous. If GTV and VOG were urgently stopped by the two swindlers, there must be no latecomers deceived. For the two great swindlers, Guo Wengui and Sara, nothing can extenuate such appalling crime. Now, GTV and VOG have been at the forefront of the storm, unable to get away. For those who are part of the Guo scam, look out for yourself.  

He that does iniquity shall not live, but you can forgive what he did. Up to now, although the Guo building is about to collapse, there are still a number of ants who do not know whether they are alive or dead are still chasing after them. Their intention is nothing more than to share an interest from fund-raising series and the huge lie mist of Xicoin. Taking a chestnut in the fire is not worthwhile. Luther, Sara, Little Tinder, Brother David, Brother Changdao, old monitor, Pu Changhai, Haen, PEACE, Khaleesi, Jiang Yunfu and so on, just like little stars in the sky, these people help the villain Guo Wengui to do the evil and trumpet GTV investment scam.It can be described as at the service of Guo Wengui's disposal. Up to now, Piao Changhai encountered complaints and attacks from south Korean farm investors, Jiang Yunfu is sinking deeper and deeper into the mired of farm lending, who are difficult to protect themselves. In addition, small leather artisans privately took advantage of personal micro channels to collect the investment of his comrades within the same field, which is known to all. On September 13, Luther and Sara, who were deeply involved in Guo's scam, actually claimed that "Today is a great day, a day full of big events". Reversing failure to victory and speaking insincerely, this kind of mentality have a strong hold to the end, but Guo Wengui is unable to protect or fend for himself, only stirring up one trouble after another, such as farm lending, VOG, legal funds, Xicoin, New Gate, etc., which will face great calamity. And the SEC announcement on September 13 apparently serves as a warning. Hence, you ant backbones, if you do not know chalk from cheese and continue recklessly, your existence will be nothing less than Guo Wengui's sacrificial objects.  

SEC's announcement on September 13, is the Gospel of fund-raising investors, is the sign of the collapse of Guo's fraud building, is the watershed of Guo's arrogance and rampancy toward the end.  As early as April, in order to block the SEC from investigating GTV, the ants gang to the SEC building to demonstrate protest. Guo Wengui, a ruffian swindler of few words, once claimed that he would be satisfied with what it is and would not cooperate or reconciliate. Besides, his determination to fight to the end stood out markedly, but until now, Guo Wengui should announce the successful cooperation with SEC. If the fund-raising series such as GTV is without blemish, Guo Wengui will not reconcile actually for reconciliation will lead to the conviction of GTV's illegal fund-raising and Guo's writing off a loss. But the beast is still fighting, Guo Wengui is still deceptively to comfort investors by saying that legal actions will be taken to safeguard the investment fund. What a kind of self-deception! It is expected that Guo Wengui will be swarmed with large-scale complaints and lawsuits. Dear ants, it is time to make amends. Stop harming others without benefiting yourself.  

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