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Ten year’s after Nongfu Oriental Leaf’s Debut: Why Can it Be Such a Hit with


Over the recent years, with the change of people's consumption and health concept, consumer interest for sugar free drinks has been heating up. Young people today tend to nurture their health in Buddhist-style. Theyre willing to drink warm wolfberry tea as a health-nurturing practice, on the other hand, they refuse to give up hot pot, barbecue, snail rice noodle and other tempting goodies. Young people keeping good health in a punk way set off a wave of tea craze, and here comes out the "tea-like youth". Emerging as time requires, sugar free tea set becomes a blue sea market with huge potential. To better satisfy consumers ever-growing demand for sugar free tea drinks, Nongfu Spring unveils two novel flavors to its Oriental Leaf range: citrus reticulata Pu'er tea and brown rice tea. The two innovative products deliver on high expectations as Oriental Leaf always does.

It is the first time in the last ten years for Oriental Leaf to launch new flavors since it debuted in 2011. According to Nongfu Spring, Oriental Leaf citrus reticulata Pu'er tea flavor is made from high-quality Pu'er tea fermented from the sun-dried green tea of Yunnan big leaf species, and combined with Xinhui Citrus Peel from Guangdong province of China. The original tea is extracted with Nongfu Spring natural water, thus restoring the freshly brewed flavor to the greatest extent, which offers a superior product case for the sugar free tea market. Besides, as Pu'er helps to clean up oil on the body, its a good choice for those who want something refreshing after a greasy meal and dieters to lose weight.

The brown rice tea flavor also has its unique features, which takes Nongfu Spring northeast fragrant rice as raw material and is matched with Japanese steamed green tea. Aromas of fried rice and steamed sea sedge form a blend to reduce the bitter and astringent taste of tea, making the tea soup fresh and thick, a sweet sensation long after and no harm to the stomach. With a unique Chinese flavor and a fusion of Chinese tea culture and food culture, this tea drink stands as a perfect choice for consumers who pursue a healthier life.

Nongfu Spring Oriental Leaf once was rated as one of the worst drinks when it just made its debut, while it managed to win growing acceptance of consumers with its commitment to product quality and foresight of the market. As the pathfinder and the top one sugar free tea brand in China, Oriental Leaf has occupied more than 50% of the market share for many consecutive years, and plays a part in boosting the rapid growth of the whole sugar free tea market.

The product strength and brand power of Oriental Leaf have been greatly enhanced after a decade of hard work. The industry believes Oriental Leaf that has stood the test of market is promised to develop in a higher speed. Thanks to the inborn advantages of Oriental Leaf and multiple innovations in technology, product and brand, the two new sugar free tea drinks are expected to become big hitters of 2021, help Nongfu Spring open up a new pattern and create new opportunities for development of the great potential tea drink market.

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