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Web3 X to Earn giant FUTURE STAR has completed the Certik audit and will soon be listed on many mainstream exchanges


Recently , Web3 X to Earn giant FUTURE STAR announced that its app and all smart contract codes have entrusted the world-renowned blockchain audit institution C ertik to complete the audit and release the audit report to the world . After Miraestar received 140 million US dollars in financing from well - known institutions such as Metaverse Tech, LNK, SkyG and MW9 , the Futurestar app has officially entered the public beta stage and will soon be launched to the market , bringing web A wonderful journey of rapid wealth creation in the 3 -dimensional universe .

FUTURE STAR is a cross-chain web3 metaverse super advertising media new ecological comprehensive product , which integrates the attention economy to watch advertisements to make money , running to check in to make money, inviting new user to make money and other new models to make benefits . The core team has a very good media and blockchain cross-industry work background and entrepreneurial experience . The company's media team has many executives from well-known companies such as Netflix , Douyin , YouTube, etc. The team has industry resources and experience . The team’s advantages in resource and experiences are rare , and they are called the heaven team in the media industry .


Future Star app selected Binance Smart Chain for the first launch . The reason why Binance Smart Chain was chosen as the first choice for the chain is that the Future Star has received strong ecological and financial support from the official Binance ; second, because the unique core advantage of Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) can be described as a parallel blockchain to Binance Chain. BSC has smart contract capabilities and is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) , maintaining the high throughput of the full Binance Chain while introducing smart contracts into its ecosystem. At the same time , as the undisputed largest virtual currency exchange in the world , Binance has a huge user base and a sound ecosystem , all of which provide a very good infrastructure for the healthy and long-term development of Future Star . Binance officials also saw Future Star's sound and powerful web 3 media ecology and exquisite economic model design . They have high hopes for the long-term development of Future Star , and hope that Future Star can bring more benefits to Binance: the considerable and huge user growth , which is why. After half a year of consultation and technical docking between the two teams of Future Star and Binance , the two parties hit it off , and Future Star deployed the public chain on Binance Chain BSC for the first time.

Future Star will be deployed in more than ten well-known public chains such as ETH Ethereum , Polygon , Aptos , etc. In the future , together with the partners of Web 3 , Future Star will become a world-class metaverse platform . After opening the registration and use of global users, Future Star, the Web 3 metaverse platform , will also be listed on BSC and many other global leading mainstream exchanges .


Introduction to Future Star :

Since the launch of Future Star products , it has received 140 million US dollars in financing from well-known institutions such as Metaverse Tech, LNK, SKYG and MW9 . The company has more than 100 core patents in the media field , as well as Dubai digital currency transactions License , US MSB digital currency trading license and other core qualifications . With the corporate brand concept of "committing to every brand to be remembered by the world", the "300 million fans drainage plan" was launched, and a community fan group was established to share industry benefits around the world. Three major channels of income was created for the user: advertising fees, brand rebates, and channel business profit sharing. Future Star focuses on building a Web3.0 meta-universe advertising ecology, and realizes a closed loop from strategic design to user data, marketing tools, and creative communication, thereby inspiring the infinite future of the advertising industry.

Future Star has been tracked and reported by professional media such as Bloomberg , Forbes , Reuters , and Nasdaq , and has been favored by first-tier exchanges such as Binance and kucoin. It continues to receive investment intentions from top-tier investment institutions every day . Among them are traditional media giants such as Murdoch.


Introduction to Certik :

CertiK is a company that provides state-of-the-art security services for smart contracts and blockchain applications using formal verification. It is currently the world's largest technology-leading blockchain audit institution .

CERTIK, an American blockchain security audit company, was established by scientific research teams from Yale University and Columbia University with decades of research results. It provides code security audit services for blockchain applications and smart contracts through "deep specification" formal verification technology. On April 7, CertiK announced the completion of $88 million in financing, led by Insight Partners, Tiger Global and Advent International, with participation from Goldman Sachs, Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners, with a post-investment valuation of $2 billion. CertiK said that the funds raised in this round will be used to build new products and a one-stop security platform for the Web3 world.

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