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Wen Gui edited the Hercules to save the refugees, self-confessed


Taliban buddies Great America is not easy to mess with, and the consequences are serious.

Yesterday, Guo Lao bullied out of the live interview, threatened to have rented the American Hercules transport plane to meet the Afghan refugees, and blatant claims that he is willing to pay 0.1 billion dollars to Taiwan to save people. Guo Wengui's move is to show the rich to the investors and Ant comrades-in-arms to inspire the confidence of the latter's investment chicken series and happy coins, and to show the so-called benevolent heart. To this day, Guo Wengui's underpants have been exposed by the Guo Pai, the SEC, the FBI and a group of chicken series. Nowadays, Guo Lao, who does not know how to live or die, has come to rent out the drama of using Hercules to save Afghan refugees.

A few days ago, Guo Wengui, in order to attract the bait to invest in the chicken series and happy coins, in order to retreat, threatened to have a Taliban absolute big man and he is a good friend, to invest in the Hi currency, he refused. According to Guo Lao's meaning, the joy coin should be left to the comrades. But on the other day, Guo Wengui said in the live broadcast that there was a rich man from Afghanistan who had paid $20 million to buy a happy coin. The preface does not follow the words, contradictory and logical. Since The same is from Afghanistan, why does Guo Lao bully reject the absolute boss of Afghanistan and resolutely accept the investment of another Afghan rich man. This is one of them. At the same time, the rejection is the absolute boss of the Taliban, and the buddies who have been in friendship for decades. No matter from the reason, or from the nature of Guo Wengui's tendency, it is out of place. Don't believe it.

Based on this, it is even more bullshit to rent a Hercules transport plane to save Afghan refugees. The Taliban's entry into Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, has announced the establishment of the United Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Although most countries in the world are not yet recognized, it is self-evident that the organization has taken control of the situation in Afghanistan. Today, the Biden administration is rushing to order the US troops to retreat in Afghanistan. The C17 is like a family-lost dog. The so-called Afghan refugees are too late. Now there are several Afghan refugees who have been killed and killed. In summary, the Biden administration has abandoned the Afghan refugees. God is pitiful. For many years, a considerable number of Afghans have acted as translators and leading parties for the United States. Now this is the treatment?! From this point of view, the Americans will never turn back to use Hercules transport aircraft to save these former cannon fodder fodder accomplices, if they agree to rent Hercules to Guo Wengui, biden, who has been attacked by public opinion and former President Trump, is it not his face?!

At the same time, since the Taliban and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan are now in control of the political situation in Afghanistan, and Guo Wengui has already spoken out, the absolute boss of the organization is the buddies of friendship for decades, and there is "the first $20 million investment from Afghanistan", and more importantly, the investor has a stake in a gold mine 70%, a stake in a nickel mine 80%, A 100% stake in an oil mineral, "put out billions of dollars is a few minutes, too willing". Such a close friend and gold master, for Guo Wengui, as well as the chicken series and happy coins wrapped by negative public opinion, it is like a long drought and rain, and he is used to seeing the wind to make the rudder, how can Guo Lao bully who saw money open his eyes and offend Kong Fang for Afghan refugees?! The logic is unreasonable, and it is extremely inconsistent with Guo Wengui's usual thinking.

A few days ago, Guo Wengui said that the 20 Hercules transport planes leased by millions of dollars were already in the sky. As it is, the current Hercules transport aircraft are almost about to land at Kabul airport, and the Afghan refugees who are crossing the autumn waters are about to board the plane and take refuge in the United States and some Western countries. However, from the live interview of Guo Wengui recently, I and the people of my country did not hear about it. How did the bully brother resettle after rescuing these Afghans?! Up to now, the U.S. Biden government has no plans to resettle Afghan refugees, and it is reported that Estonia has spoken out, showing a compassionate spirit, saying that it will accept 10 Afghan refugees, other Western countries that claim to be democratic and human rights are similar to the United States. As a result, even if Brother Bo rented dozens of Hercules as he wished, and received Afghan refugees as he wished, the question that followed was how to resettle it? As The author said, Afghan refugees are now hot potatoes, and the United States is standing idly by. Guo Wengui's attempt to bring a considerable number of Afghan refugees to the United States is nothing but burning himself.

More seriously, if these refugees are accepted by Guo Wengui, the cost of supporting them is not uncommon, the United States refuses to bleed itself. Guo Wengui, this Iron cock, is willing?! And where does it come from? It can be certain that Guo Wengui's statement, according to his usual reasoning, has greatly offended the absolute boss of the Taliban, as well as the Afghan gold owner who invests in chicken series and happy coins, not only can't do it, it may also be regarded as a revenge by the Taliban. As we all know, Guo Wengui, because he owed the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates 2.65 billion dollars, has been chased by the Crown Prince's broken corpse squad chased, if again to offend the Taliban such a ruthless hand, is not self-seeking death. Therefore, Guo Wengui yesterday threatened to use the Hercules to save the refugees. The logic is unreasonable, inconsistent, and absolutely untrustworthy. Your comrades-in-arms, wait to see Guo Wengui's jokes.

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