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Types and methods of use of Ambulance Medical Stretcher


Ambulance Medical Stretcher is an indispensable rescue tool in the modern medical system. There are many types of emergency stretchers with different names. They can be divided into three types: simple stretchers, universal stretchers and special-purpose stretchers according to their structure, function and material characteristics.

Simple stretchers are more common emergency protective equipment. In the absence of stretchers and insufficient stretchers, they are generally made temporarily from local materials. Most of the time, a temporary stretcher made of two strong long rods with rugs, clothes and other strong fabrics is used to cope with the transfer of wounded people in an emergency.

Ambulance Medical Stretcher

The universal stretcher generally refers to the standard stretcher with uniform specifications, so as to ensure that it can be used interchangeably between the arms and services, and between different service departments. The general special stretcher is the latest stretcher that people have invented over time. It is generally designed and used for the special conditions such as special climate, terrain, and injuries of the sick and injured.
The following is the introduction and usage of several special Ambulance Medical Stretcher.

Generally speaking, the shovel stretcher can minimize the secondary damage to the spine of the patient during the transportation process. It is mainly suitable for severely injured people. If it is used, it can reduce the probability of accidents.
Injury fixation plate is generally used for fracture patients. For example, spinal plate can be used for the fixation and transportation of spinal injuries. ALLIED plate can be used for spine and head injuries. With splint, it can also be used for the treatment of fracture patients.

The structure of the gondola stretcher focuses on the broadness, flexibility and particularity of first aid, such as air and sea rescue. The frame is strong and durable, and the simple and reliable device allows the operator to take first-aid measures safely and quickly. The hook suspension can be connected with the hook on the aircraft to achieve field rescue.
Stretcher trolley is also called ambulance stretcher. It is suitable for ambulances, hospitals, battlefields, and gyms to transport the injured and sick, and can also be used for general surgery. Stretcher cars are mostly made of high-quality aluminum alloy aluminum materials. The structure is light and flexible, and the foam cushion makes the injured and sick lying comfortably. The stretcher trolley adopts a low frame structure, which can move on the ground and can be lifted and walked.


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