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MBUS Swap, the world's first multi-chain aggregated decentralized exchange, will go live in mid-May


According to official news, MBUS Swap, the world's first multi-chain aggregated decentralized exchange, will start its on-chain deployment work in early May 2022 and officially launch in mid-May.

MBUS swap implements DAO autonomy, where all player users are co-founders of the MBUS Swap exchange and can jointly participate in the DAO governance of the MBUS Swap exchange. The global community operates together by voting, and MBUS swap recommends the use of a rewards program to inspire global users to participate in the build.


What is the MBUS Integrated Ecology?

MBUS was launched by MBUS Lab Canada in collaboration with the international technology team DAO Autonomous Community. MBUS is a highly autonomous online community, and with crypto enthusiasts around the world predicting that DAO will be the "next wave" of the crypto web3 movement.

MBUS is building an ecosystem of infinite opportunities to accelerate the new era of Web3.0, through DAO community governance, a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem of on-chain wallet + Swap + GameFi + Social, launched on the Coinan Smartchain.


What is the MBUS Swap Exchange?

The MBUS Swap Exchange is an automated market maker mechanism (AMM) decentralised exchange (DEX) developed by the MBUS integrated ecosystem based on DAO autonomy, the world's first multi-chain aggregated decentralised exchange, which will begin on-chain deployment in early May 2022. On the MBUS Swap exchange, all player users are co-founders and can jointly participate in the governance of the DAO on the MBUS Swap exchange, which is jointly operated by the global community in a voting process, and MBUS swap recommends the use of a rewards program to inspire global users to participate in the build.

Various AMM driven DEX run on the chain, e.g. Uniswap V2, SushiSwap on the ethereum chain, PancakeSwap, BakerySwap on the coinan smart chain (BSC). the key price determination method used on the MBUS Swap AMM is the constant product formula: χ x ϒ = κ, where χ = the number of tokens χ, ϒ = the number of tokens ϒ, and κ = a constant.

The art of AMM is that it replaces the need for a traditional order book and replaces it with a liquidity pool. users of AMM DEX only need to provide two tokens to the pool in order to participate in the liquidity pool. For example. Users can contribute to an existing USDT/DAI pool by depositing USDT and DAI in the proportions specified in that pool. as MBUS Swap runs on BSC, the two larger platforms that currently support MBUS Swap are PancakeSwap (V1 and V2) and BakerySwap. MBUS Swap plans to integrate with More platforms.


The MBUS Swap Exchange under DAO Governance

The MBUS Swap Exchange is organised around blockchain-defined and enforced rules, operating through DAO community governance and using smart contracts that are automatically enforced when a set of criteria is met.

On the MBUS Swap Exchange, all player-users are co-founders and can jointly participate in the DAO governance of the MBUS Swap Exchange. On the one hand MBUS holders enjoy the benefits generated by the MBUS stable fees, on the other hand MBUS holders are also required to take on the governance functions of the MBUS system at the same time. This is achieved by the MBUS holders forming an autonomous community DAO and voting for valid proposals. The MBUS Swap Exchange uses a DAO structure to ensure that the MBUS Swap Exchange is fair and equitable, providing a quality, fair, open and transparent digital asset trading environment for all players and users, ensuring that all players and users benefit. All users benefit.


Innovative technology being used behind the MBUS Swap exchange solution

Spot Market Liquidity Queue - MBUS Swap introduces a liquidity queue as a complement to Automated Market Maker (AMM) swaps, offering spot market trading based on a secure adapter protocol.

True-Value Farming - Pledged assets will be used to generate synthetic stablecoins that can be exchanged for other stablecoins, providing long-term value to owners while ensuring the benefits of potential asset appreciation.

DAO Community Governance - MBUS Swap operates on a DAO organisational structure that puts governance in the hands of the community, in the hands of pass holders, and in the hands of participants. Decisions are voted on by MBUS holders, and then smart contracts are run to automatically execute the final vote.


The vision of the MBUS Swap Exchange is to create a highly consensual DAO autonomous community, and the development of the MBUS Swap Exchange, including the development of consensus, is gradual and inclusive. The MBUS Swap Exchange consensus is built on the concept of co-participation, co-creation, co-startups and co-benefits, so that everyone involved in building the MBUS Swap Exchange ecosystem can grow and develop, creating a prosperous MBUS Swap Exchange ecosystem.

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