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To improve quality with craftsmanship and to expand overseas business with original aspiration


The Third Construction Co., Ltd. of China Construction First Group was established in 1952. In 1983, the company has awarded its first overseas project contract in North Jazira in Iraq, launching the "first shot" of overseas construction business. In 2019, to implement the branding strategy of CSCEC to become an internationally competitive enterprise, and to play a pioneer role in the program on building a Silk Road Economic Belt, the company has taken over the business of The International Engineering Co., Ltd., another subsidiary of CSCEC to start a new page of development. As one of the most important internationally operating subsidiaries of CSCEC, the company adhere to perform the “Priority to Overseas Business” policy and aim at a synchronous development of domestic and overseas business, with the goal to be a global landmarks builder equipped with High-quality Talents Pool, Interconnected Databank of Resources & Information, Technology & Innovation Support Center as well as EPC Projects Center. The company continues to implement strict quality control management systems to build high-quality projects in the Belt and Road countries. In terms of overseas business layout, based on 4 main markets and plus N satellite markets, the company has entered markets such as Iraq, Egypt, the Philippines, Germany, Cambodia, Tanzania, and Equatorial Guinea, etc., undertaking projects in such types as residential housing, super high-rise buildings, ancient building restoration and infrastructure facilities of oilfield construction and of petrochemical industry, forming a diversified overseas business.


Rising to the challenges and forging ahead


In 1983, the Iraqi government invested to build a huge modern farm in North Jazira, covering an area of 765 square kilometers with a construction period of 5 years. The company responded to the call of CSCEC and mobilized more than 100 Chinese employees to participate in the construction of water irrigation project. At that time, due to the war, the international flight from China to Iraq was suspended and people needed to take a stopover in India. Finally, it took more than ten hours to fly through the Arabian Sea, Oman, the Persian Gulf, and Kuwait to the Iraqi capital Baghdad, and then took a 500-kilometer overnight bus to reach the construction site.


The project objects were surface facilities, including roads, canals, and irrigation parts. During the construction, those hundred employees overcame massive challenges of converting domestic and local management systems and standards. Through devoted work, they completed the work three months ahead of schedule. In the final acceptance program, well-known foreign experts were invited by the Iraqi government to inspect the work and it turned out that the project has reached the international advanced standards, especially the quality of concrete work. This is a monument built with the blood and sweat of Chinese workers, which has also been an eternal wealth for the Iraqi people and helped to create a good reputation for CSCEC to explore its international market. Due to the excellent performance in the North Jazira project, the East Jazira Water Irrigation Project in Iraq has been also contracted to a Chinese construction company.

Through the practice in the North Jazira project, the intelligence and hard work of Chinese people were showed to the world, valuable experience was gained, and the horizon was widened, which helped CSCEC to train its talents and keep going abroad.


Build on the achievement and play a role in the "Belt and Road" initiative


To implement the branding strategy of CSCEC to become an internationally competitive enterprise, and to play a pioneer role in the program on building a Silk Road Economic Belt, the company has taken over the business of The International Engineering Co., Ltd., another subsidiary of CSCEC to start a new page of development. With high standards of management, the company continues to improve the performance of overseas projects, forming a "4+N" overseas market layout, increasing its core competitiveness continuously, establishing a good brand image of CSCEC and expanding influence in overseas markets.


In Munich in Germany, the company built the Consulate General of China, which has been the largest consulate and is famous by its special oriental aesthetics and won a second Luban Prize (Overseas Projects) for the company. In Egypt, the company has been actively participating in the Belt and Road project——The New Administrative Capital Megaproject Plot 3 and demonstrating a pioneering style of CSCEC by applying Chinese wisdom and showing Chinese quality and speed.


Step by step for a blooming international business


Entering the new period, the company actively implements the brand essence of CSCEC, adheres to the “Priority to Overseas Business” policy, further optimizes strategy and tilts of high-quality resources to overseas business, with perseverance till now. In recent years, the projects undertaken by the company has won the "Luban Prize (Overseas Projects)", "Top China Overseas Engineering Campsites", "International Safety Awards", "AEC Excellence Awards Best Practices" and many other awards. The structure of green roof used in the project of the Chinese Consulate General in Munich was awarded a German patent. Its employees have been honored with the "China Excellent Female Employee", "Capital Labor Medal", "Excellent International Project Manager" and many other national awards.

In terms of marketing, the company adheres to the parent company's strategy, maintains the development of its existing business, carefully selects target markets, and deeply cultivates and develops in the selected markets. During this process, the company continuously improves its management system and processes, taking successful performance as the goal, and wins the trust of customers with efficient and high-quality performance. The company has won 3 contracts of surface projects in Missan and Majnoon oilfield in Iraq in last 3 years, which was the first step for the company entering the sector.

In boat competition, the one who rows the oar hard is the winner. The company will continue to respond to the call of its parent company, fully implementing the “Priority to Overseas Business” policy, exploring overseas markets, attaching importance to quality control, and building landmarks in multiple countries. More specifically, the company will establish concrete measures of action, provide more resources and support, issue detailed guiding books, adhere to the development of international business, and increase the proportion of international business, demonstrate international influence, turning a new page in international business with the high-quality performance.

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